What Goes Up

Have you ever watched a water fountain and been mesmerized by the shoots of water that go up and down and up and down and up and down? Sometimes I become so mesmerized by the process that I pick out a little strand of water and see if I can keep up with its flow. Of course, I lose it in the process as it disappears in the pool of other strands of water shooting up – ultimately regenerating itself with the abundant pool of water and the power of its source.

“What goes up must come down.” It’s a common phrase. When you think about it from a scientific standpoint and consider what we learn as young children about gravity (and also experience it from our own bodies as we get older), that makes sense.

From a purely philosophical standpoint – what if we believe that what goes up stays up…and continues going higher? Isn’t that what we want in life? Whether it be our learning, our growth as humans, our understanding of life and its principles, our growth in spirituality, in health, in our relationships, our finances, our career trajectory and overall balance in life?

Ultimately, we ask ourselves, “How do I continue excelling in the areas of my life that are important to me?”

Most of us will probably agree – we do hit those moments of “what goes up must come down” in things we want in our life – whether it’s a setback that happens or a general mindset we fall into, it does happen.

How do we overcome these challenges? As I watch these little strands of water shoot up and down and regenerate in the bigger pool of water, I notice this bigger pool creates the energy and support to elevate the shoots of water going back up again. Think about the pool of resources you have in your life to elevate and support you – to push you up so that you go higher and higher in areas of your life that are important to you. What resources of support exist for you?

We all value these resources in life to elevate us to new heights and ultimately enrich our lives.


Feel Like Dancing

How many of us when we go to a dance party (or perhaps you remember from your past) will stand near the wall or in a corner somewhere watching other people dance?  Yes, that used to be me.  I was a wallflower hiding my sad self away from the fun.

I don’t know when that changed or how it changed – perhaps a sign of getting older and not being bothered by what people think.  Now, I’m usually the first person out on the dance floor.  Heck, I’ve even crashed wedding beach parties!  People who know me find this interesting because I’m generally seen as quiet and introverted.  Not sure what happens when I hear that beat – my feet just can’t stop moving.

Recently I went to a coaching conference and on the last night, there was a dance party.  I boogied on the floor to disco and all the great dance tunes.  Now – would I call myself a great dancer?  LOL – absolutely NOT!!!!  In fact, I’m sure when I’m dancing, it reminds people of the “Elaine Dance” from Seinfeld.  The funny thing is – I don’t care.  Regardless of what other people are saying or thinking about me –  when I’m dancing, it is total freedom.  It is releasing my inhibitions.  It is about being my true self.

Sometimes in our day to day life, we forget to be our true self.  We worry about what people are thinking about us.  We may set standards/expectations on our self that may be unfair.  We may feel pressure from others to act or perform a certain way.

When I dance, I notice in that moment, I am living my life with passion.  After the dance is over, I often feel the guarded and closed off part of me start to creep back.  Every day, it’s a reminder to live my life with passion.

What one thing can you do to live a passionate life?

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A Bike Ride

I went on a bike ride this morning and noticed a few things about joy.  Generally, my bike ride is 45 minutes long consisting of three 15-minute loops around the neighborhood.  The first two laps, I focus on cycling as fast as I can and then the last lap is my “joy ride” with the intention of being free-spirited.

Today, I realized that the first two laps were a struggle.  My thoughts became negative.  “Ugh, here comes that big hill again.”  “Why can’t the wind be coming from my back side as I’m going up the hill rather than giving me resistance?”  “Boy, my butt sure does hurt!”  “How much longer do I have to go???”

By the end of the second lap, I almost called it quits because I was tired and didn’t think I could make it another round.  Then I thought, “Well, I will just go a few more minutes and experience my joy ride.”  My thinking became focused on the joy of riding the bike and not the work of the workout.  I weaved in and out down the road, a smile came to my face as I felt the wind against my skin and my butt even stopped hurting!   I started remembering how much fun I had as a little kid riding my pink Huffy bike in the neighborhood – popping wheelies and showing off in front of the other kids.  Before I knew it, I had completed the third lap.

The difference was a change of thinking.  I changed my mindset from one of struggle to one of joy.

What if we lived our lives every day waking up with the mindset of joy?  How much smoother would our ride be?  How would that influence others around us to live with joy in their hearts?  How would our worlds, both personally and professionally, be changed?

If you are interested in experiencing joy for yourself, give me a shout.  Enjoy the ride!


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