Attending a coaching meeting a few days ago, I was asked the question, “What was the reason you got into coaching and how do you want to use coaching to inspire others going forward?” My immediate response was that I got into coaching because I believe in helping people achieve their goals and empowering them to live their best life. Then realized that was a surface response. I did not dig deep enough. After I thought about the bigger picture and how I want to use coaching as inspiration for others, it brought me back to an earlier time in my life.

When I was an international relations graduate student, I studied Islamic history, took Arabic and minored in Jewish history. As a white Christian young woman, this seemed a little odd to others. My goal back then was to gain different perspectives than my own because I wanted to be a part of bringing about peace and understanding among different people and religions. Taking a recent deeper view into myself, I realized I still do.

There are so many ways our world is divided – whether through politics, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural divisions, etc. When this coach asked me about how I want to use coaching to inspire others, I let myself be vulnerable and let my heart answer. The answer I gave was truly the authentic one.

Coaching can be used to bring about cultural awareness and understandings. It can be used to build bridges so that people come together to work for good. I want to use coaching to create awareness and build those bridges. It starts with the individual – empowering individuals to take a look into their own life and gain perspective about a possibly different way of thinking. This empowerment transfers from that individual to the community – as communities come together to learn and grow from each other. Then it continues from the community to the state level and spreads from the state to the national level. Building bridges so that individuals can embrace who they are and accept others who may be different. Building bridges so that others feel a safe place to have constructive conversations with each other. Building bridges so that peace grows and instead of division there is a togetherness.

That is my authentic answer. To my coach friends out there, how do you want to use coaching as inspiration for others?


Recently seeing the movie Wonder, it got me wondering about some things, myself.  The movie, inspired by the novel written by R.J. Palacio, tells the story of a young boy, Auggie, who was born with a rare genetic facial disorder.  Roughly 600,000 people in the US have been diagnosed with this disorder.  The movie was inspiring in many ways and ultimately about how resilient and courageous human beings can be in the face of adversity.

Some thoughts from the movie and lessons learned:

  1. Auggie was bullied by some of his classmates because he looked different than the others. When other classmates got to know him, they saw his beautiful qualities – he was smart, funny, cute, kind and in essence – really a lot like them.
  • Lesson: Continue to be your beautiful self even when others do not see your worth.  Those who are worth having as friends will value you.  Move on from those who do not.
  1. Auggie developed friendships with classmates that lifted him up, helped him step out of his comfort zone and feel accepted.
  • Lesson: Be kind to others.  We never know what someone has going on in their life and one simple act of kindness can elevate them in ways you may never know.
  1. Auggie had amazing support from his family from the very beginning, so much so that the daughter, Via, often felt invisible to her family. From my perspective, one of the most incredible story lines from the movie is how the daughter persevered in her own path, came out of her own shell, and absolutely shined at the end and her family DID take notice.
  • Lesson: Ensure your voice is heard.  When you feel invisible to others, be courageous in expressing your own voice.  Make yourself known and heard.
  1. Auggie’s father, Nate, kept things light for his family. His comedic quips in moments of awkwardness, brought a sense of relief.
  • Lesson: Humor goes a long way in breaking down barriers.
  1. Auggie’s mother, Isabel, was the strength and glue that held the family together, especially when it came to Auggie. She knew when it was time to “let him go” and for him to go out into the world, which could possibly be a cruel one for Auggie.  In doing so, she represented “tough love” as this empowered him to break out of his shell and come into his own.  After that, she followed up on a dream she had previously put aside.
  • Lesson #1: Demonstrating tough love is sometimes necessary in order for another person to grow and flourish.
  • Lesson #2: It is NEVER too late to give up on your dreams!

 If you want to step out, be courageous, achieve your dreams, ensure your voice is being heard, all the while continuing to be your beautiful self and having fun along the way, give me a shout.

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Some of us may have been on this path before – sitting at a desk, slugging away on the computer, working through whatever tasks have been handed out that month, that week, that day…and you are counting the hours until it is quitting time. And perhaps when it is quitting time, you are still so focused on work that it is a challenge to maintain the sense of work/life balance that you crave.

And then it hits you. You ask yourself the question, “Should I stay or should I go?” And with that question, anxieties start to rear its ugly head and you hear a whisper in your ear. “Pssst… you can’t possibly leave this job. This is safe. This is secure. What else is out there for you? Do you really want to take that risk?” Then another internal voice whispers, “But I am so sick and tired of working at a job day and night for which I have no passion. I know there is something else I can be doing to fulfill my career dream and one which is purposeful for me.”

So you are now realizing that you are at a crossroads. One path may be safe and secure (or is it?) and that path leaves you longing for something else. Another path is filled with uncertainty and still an excitement for something new and purposeful. You have reached a point where you want to make a decision. What do you do?

How can you decide what you WANT to do in your career? A simple action to take is doing a self-assessment. Get out a piece of paper and ask yourself some questions. “What are my core values?” “What am I passionate about?” “If money were no option, what would I want to be doing?” “What did I want to be when I was growing up?” Then…evaluate where you are now. Are your values and passions aligning with your current position? Are you achieving the purpose you want for your career?

If you are struggling with a career decision, feeling stuck or want the motivation for living your passionate life – give me a shout! Here is the link to my calendar:

In the meantime, take a break and listen to that classic song and decide for yourself!




Time Management: What would you do if you had an extra hour?

How many times have we said, “If there were just more hours in a day then I could get everything done I want to get done.”?  What are those “things”?  In the ideal world, how many hours in a day would that require to get everything accomplished?

Sometimes it takes doing an inventory of exactly how we are spending our time.  What activities are we prioritizing over others?  For most, perhaps it is the thought that there are so many priorities in our life that it becomes overwhelming.  When that happens, it is beneficial to take an inventory of how we are spending our time.  What are your time wasters?  Spending time on social media?  Feeling that you must respond to an email immediately?  Watching television?  Reading/watching the news?  Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all about being informed.  The question is – how much does it take to be informed?

Perhaps it is mindlessly surfing the internet or spending time with people who are not bringing value in your relationships.  Maybe it is spending time wanting to please other people in your life instead of focusing on yourself.  Or getting bogged down in decision-making because you strive to be perfect before taking action to move forward.

It can be many of these things.  If you are facing challenges on wanting more hours in the day, an action is to take an honest inventory of how you are spending your time.  Track it.  Look at it.  When you do, ask yourself this question – “Is what I’m doing now bringing value and moving me forward in the areas I want in my life?”  You may be amazed at the time wasters in your life.

Each of us has different priorities in our lives.  What is important for you?

For tips, tools and resources on time management, give me a shout.

p.s.  For those of us in the States, most of us are “falling back” this weekend and gain that extra hour.  How do YOU want to spend that extra hour this weekend?