John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed – #1

Recently I listened to a podcast interview that Tony Robbins did with legendary coach John Wooden many years back.  I knew a little about Coach Wooden from his coaching days at UCLA.  Having a passion for college basketball (being from the home of the UK Wildcats – Go Big Blue), I knew that Coach Wooden had won more NCAA National Championships than any other coach – ten in total and seven of those were consecutive championships.  Mike Krzyzewski of Duke has won five followed by Adolph Rupp of UK who won four.  As I write this, I do so with a little gag in my mouth – and for those of you who know the UK vs. Duke rivalry (think Christian Laettner) will understand.  But I digress.

What I didn’t know about Coach Wooden was how passionate he was about his integrity and being a mentor to those who played for him.  He was well-respected in many circles, being named the national coach of the year six times, receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom and having the John R. Wooden Award named after him for the basketball player of the year.

He died at the ripe old age of 99 in 2010.  And while some may have disagreed with his tactics and strategies, he did prove to be a winning coach and he left behind a 7-Point Creed that he lived by.  We will look at the first one today.

 #1.  Be True To Yourself

What does it mean to be true to yourself?  Ask YOURSELF that question.  I wrote about this earlier in a blog on being authentic.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in being what others want us to be that we forget who we are.  When that happens, we are no longer good for ourselves or for others.

Being true to yourself means really taking a look at who we are – knowing and accepting who we are.  Being honest about our beauties and flaws.  Yes, we all have tremendous beauty within us – and we want to acknowledge and celebrate that!  We also have flaws – we are all human!  And by the way – it is okay to admit that we do have flaws.

It also means examining what our values are in life.  What is important for you?  Where does your passion flow?  How will you follow that passion so that you do live it out gloriously?

Being true to yourself means you are not so concerned in pleasing others that you do not live your own life.

If you want to learn more about how to be true to yourself, I am happy to work with you!

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