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Should I Stay or Should I Go

Some of us may have been on this path before – sitting at a desk, slugging away on the computer, working through whatever tasks have been handed out that month, that week, that day…and you are counting the hours until it is quitting time. And perhaps when it is quitting time, you are still so […]

Pay the Mountain to See the View

The Appalachian Trail is approximately 2,200 miles and covers the span of 14 states from its official southern terminus at Springer Mountain, GA to the tips of Katahdin at the northern terminus. The estimated time to complete a thru-hike is 5-7 months. Out of approximately 3,330 thru hikers, only 20% complete the full hike. The […]

Finding Something You Love

Have you ever lost something that you loved and found it again?  If so, do you remember the thrill, the relief, the excitement of finding that lost thing that you cherished? A few years ago, we lost our cat, Casper – the white cat with one green eye and one blue eye (eyes just like […]

My Day at the Cemetery

Dedicated to the lives lost in the Las Vegas Shooting Waking up early one morning, I felt an overwhelming sense to get out and experience life.  Occasionally those days are very present with a desire to explore some place new. My desire to experience life lead me to an unexpected place.  It lead me to […]

What Goes Up

Have you ever watched a water fountain and been mesmerized by the shoots of water that go up and down and up and down and up and down? Sometimes I become so mesmerized by the process that I pick out a little strand of water and see if I can keep up with its flow. […]

Feel Like Dancing

How many of us when we go to a dance party (or perhaps you remember from your past) will stand near the wall or in a corner somewhere watching other people dance?  Yes, that used to be me.  I was a wallflower hiding my sad self away from the fun. I don’t know when that […]


A Bike Ride

I went on a bike ride this morning and noticed a few things about joy.  Generally, my bike ride is 45 minutes long consisting of three 15-minute loops around the neighborhood.  The first two laps, I focus on cycling as fast as I can and then the last lap is my “joy ride” with the […]