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Coach John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed: #4: Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible

As a young child, I was not a reader of books. I wanted to play outside – ride my bike, climb trees, play sports, sneak off in the middle of the night with my best neighborhood friend and meet up at the tennis courts. The nature lover in me has continued.

When I got older, both my granddad and my mom influenced me on the importance of being informed and increasing my vocabulary. And one of the ways of being informed was reading. Reader’s Digest was a staple in our household and Word Power was a must! In addition to that, I was encouraged to read newspapers, journals, history books, whatever written material I could get my hands on. Reading soon became my passion. I wanted to learn and grow. I wanted to understand the world, the different cultures, the history behind what I learned. I wanted to absolutely drink that knowledge in and be informed.

I also became a scholar of the Bible, having read its entirety in different versions four times. I also studied other spiritual philosophies. Being deeply committed to learning principles to better myself as an individual, I studied Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist philosophies. The more I read, the more I realized what I didn’t know, which just encouraged me to read even more!

As an entrepreneur and coach, professional development reading has become my passion. There are so many ways to learn from the rich experiences from other professionals.

Below are four points to apply from reading:
1. Broaden your mind. If you are prone to sticking with one type of material, consider broadening your reading material. How can you expand your learning by reading something you have not been exposed to – whether it is history, religion, a different culture, a different genre entirely?

2. Tap into your creativity. When you read and are broadening your mind, you have this amazing opportunity to tap into your creativity. Perhaps you get a new thought or an idea from reading. When you do so, write it down and then apply an action step to make that new thought or idea come into reality!

3. Learn from others in your professional industry. See what they have written. What golden nuggets can you pull out? There is a wealth of knowledge out there – and people are gracious enough to share their knowledge so that you can learn and grow. Take advantage of that opportunity.

4. Listen. As you broaden your mind and learn from others, you also learn to listen. Use your knowledge so that you are able to relate to others and listen effectively. When you listen, you will build rapport by being fully present to who they are. In doing so, you can develop rich relationships with others.



Coach John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed: #3: Help others

Coach Wooden’s third point in his 7-point creed is to help others. When you think about helping others, what comes to mind? As a coach, one of my passions is to help others grow and accomplish goals in areas of their life that are important for them. I love to see people shine as they are being true to themselves and in their own element — where they are living in a space they feel confident and purposeful with what they are doing.

There are many people in our world today that are facing challenges in their lives. It’s been shown that a simple act of kindness goes a long way. These acts of kindness can take little effort on our part. A smile. A thank you. An encouragement. A conversation with presence. A simple question – “how can I help you?”. How do you show your kindness?

When you think about it, being a service to others is also a way for us to grow. There have been many studies that suggest that one way you can pull yourself up from the doldrums is by helping someone else out. There is joy that comes from helping others. You are connecting with someone on a very human and individual level.

A short article outlines 7 benefits of helping others: http://mentalfloss.com/…/7-scientific-benefits-helping-othe…

1. Helps us live longer
2. Is contagious
3. Makes us happy
4. Helps with chronic pain
5. Lowers blood pressure
6. Promotes positive behaviors
7. Gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction

So how do you want to help others? What purposeful action can you put in place today to show others you care?

If you want help achieving your own career or life goals, I am happy to help you! Schedule a free strategy session with me today!



Attending a coaching meeting a few days ago, I was asked the question, “What was the reason you got into coaching and how do you want to use coaching to inspire others going forward?” My immediate response was that I got into coaching because I believe in helping people achieve their goals and empowering them to live their best life. Then realized that was a surface response. I did not dig deep enough. After I thought about the bigger picture and how I want to use coaching as inspiration for others, it brought me back to an earlier time in my life.

When I was an international relations graduate student, I studied Islamic history, took Arabic and minored in Jewish history. As a white Christian young woman, this seemed a little odd to others. My goal back then was to gain different perspectives than my own because I wanted to be a part of bringing about peace and understanding among different people and religions. Taking a recent deeper view into myself, I realized I still do.

There are so many ways our world is divided – whether through politics, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, cultural divisions, etc. When this coach asked me about how I want to use coaching to inspire others, I let myself be vulnerable and let my heart answer. The answer I gave was truly the authentic one.

Coaching can be used to bring about cultural awareness and understandings. It can be used to build bridges so that people come together to work for good. I want to use coaching to create awareness and build those bridges. It starts with the individual – empowering individuals to take a look into their own life and gain perspective about a possibly different way of thinking. This empowerment transfers from that individual to the community – as communities come together to learn and grow from each other. Then it continues from the community to the state level and spreads from the state to the national level. Building bridges so that individuals can embrace who they are and accept others who may be different. Building bridges so that others feel a safe place to have constructive conversations with each other. Building bridges so that peace grows and instead of division there is a togetherness.

That is my authentic answer. To my coach friends out there, how do you want to use coaching as inspiration for others?