Coach John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed: #7: Pray for guidance and give thanks for your blessings every day

Gratitude.  We hear that word a lot.  Be thankful for your blessings.  Be grateful for what you have.  When you are suffering a loss, sometimes that is hard to do.  When you are going through life-changing challenges, you may think, “What in the world do I have to be grateful for?”  It can be tough.  The struggle is very real.

In life, we face many challenges.  Sometimes those challenges can bring us down.  Sometimes they are a motivation to elevate us higher.  The choice is yours.  Do you choose to let the obstacles you face bring you down?  Or do you choose to let them be a motivator so that you prove to yourself and to others what you are worth?

I read a story today in our local newspaper today about a young girl who died of cancer at the age of four.  She came from a loving family, being cherished by her two brothers and her mom and dad.  The article talked about how grateful they were of people who showed their love and kindness throughout this young child’s struggles and how that would stay with them the rest of their lives.  “The constant support never wavered”, they said.  It helped the family to know that the support was there.  They were grateful for that.

Yes, there are many challenges we face in life.  Along with challenges, we have blessings.  If we continue to focus on the negative, that is what we get in life – the negative.  If we look for opportunities in the challenges, we will find ways to grow.

Gratitude.  Sometimes we forget to think about our blessings.  If we spend five minutes each day truly thinking about what we are thankful for in life, how much more may our life be enriched?

Gratitude.  Think of ways you can enrich other people’s lives and how much that act of kindness may mean to them.  If we spend five minutes each day showing others a kindness, how much more may their lives be enriched?

What do you want to do today to make that happen?


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