Feel Like Dancing

How many of us when we go to a dance party (or perhaps you remember from your past) will stand near the wall or in a corner somewhere watching other people dance?  Yes, that used to be me.  I was a wallflower hiding my sad self away from the fun.

I don’t know when that changed or how it changed – perhaps a sign of getting older and not being bothered by what people think.  Now, I’m usually the first person out on the dance floor.  Heck, I’ve even crashed wedding beach parties!  People who know me find this interesting because I’m generally seen as quiet and introverted.  Not sure what happens when I hear that beat – my feet just can’t stop moving.

Recently I went to a coaching conference and on the last night, there was a dance party.  I boogied on the floor to disco and all the great dance tunes.  Now – would I call myself a great dancer?  LOL – absolutely NOT!!!!  In fact, I’m sure when I’m dancing, it reminds people of the “Elaine Dance” from Seinfeld.  The funny thing is – I don’t care.  Regardless of what other people are saying or thinking about me –  when I’m dancing, it is total freedom.  It is releasing my inhibitions.  It is about being my true self.

Sometimes in our day to day life, we forget to be our true self.  We worry about what people are thinking about us.  We may set standards/expectations on our self that may be unfair.  We may feel pressure from others to act or perform a certain way.

When I dance, I notice in that moment, I am living my life with passion.  After the dance is over, I often feel the guarded and closed off part of me start to creep back.  Every day, it’s a reminder to live my life with passion.

What one thing can you do to live a passionate life?

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