My Day at the Cemetery

Dedicated to the lives lost in the Las Vegas Shooting

Waking up early one morning, I felt an overwhelming sense to get out and experience life.  Occasionally those days are very present with a desire to explore some place new.

My desire to experience life lead me to an unexpected place.  It lead me to a place where people usually go to mourn those that are no longer with us…or at least that’s how I have always thought of a cemetery.

Going to the cemetery, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I mean, I wanted to experience “life”, right? Why go somewhere where you are surrounded by those that are not living?

The day’s journey led to the Lexington Cemetery, somewhere others have talked about as being a beautiful and serene place.  And by visiting this place, I did experience life in its truest form.

The Lexington Cemetery is one of the most beautiful places in Central Kentucky.  It is over 170 acres and has over 200 species of trees on the grounds. Walking those grounds, I felt the aliveness of those trees. Many tall and sturdy, as if they had been there hundreds of years. The blooms on the trees were rich and vibrant in color. The birds, many in specie as well, were singing their songs of delight, as they too seek to experience a beautiful life.

Nature – life in its truest form.

Nature’s beauty spoke to me.  And guess what else?  The peacefulness of spirit among those graves spoke to my spirt, as well.  As I walked around the different trails and looked at all the headstones, I read some of the names — when these people were born, when they died, and wondered just what kind of life they had.  What did they experience?  What did they love in life while they were living?

As I reflected, I realized we are not promised tomorrow and to live life in every moment. As a car went past, the license plate simply read “luvlife”.  What an amazing statement.  It made me ask myself how much I really loved life and what I can do to make life better for myself and for those around me.

Walking in the cemetery, I was able to experience so many moments of being alive!  What a gift!

As tragedy and heartache hits us – whether it be from natural disasters or senseless acts of “unkindness”, how do you want to live your life so that you fully embrace it?  What are you putting off to live a life of passion?  How do you want to be alive in this world?


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