Growth Services

Resume Writing

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Amy will work with you one-on-one to create a targeted resume for specific industries.  The service will also include training on tools and techniques for writing targeted resumes as you move forward and working with the client in developing their own stories that will make their resume stand out in the initial stage of the hiring process.  This service is available for entry-level through executive-level resumes.

Interview Preparation

This service includes combining coaching and training by working with individuals on how to prepare for job interviews with confidence.  Through this process, we will conduct a series of recorded mock-interviews with participant in which Amy will provide feedback, measure progress and coach on how participant wants to use the techniques learned.

Job Search Strategies

Looking for a job is a job itself.  This combined coaching and consulting service will help individuals learn and develop the strategies that are individually-tailored and how to use their efforts in a way that will effectively benefit them.  The strategy areas will include learning how to use social media including LinkedIn, having an understanding of occupational resources, developing personal mission and vision statements, how to network successfully, uncovering the “hidden market” and specific coaching and co-partnering in creating awareness and accountability for one’s job search goals.

Career Coaching

This service specifically is focused on empowering a client to power their growth through one-on-one coaching.  In this space, we have coaching sessions with the client to explore their areas of interest, discover their motivating factors, define their ideal career path, and strategize how to maximize their opportunities.  Coaching may be combined with training and consulting in order to effectively serve the client in order for them to achieve their own best possible results.

VIP Package

A high-quality package to achieve high quality results.  This intensive 2-day training, consulting and coaching package is tailored designed and prepared for each individual.  Targeted specifically for clients who are committed to work hard and put forth dedicated effort to power their growth.