Should I Stay or Should I Go

Some of us may have been on this path before – sitting at a desk, slugging away on the computer, working through whatever tasks have been handed out that month, that week, that day…and you are counting the hours until it is quitting time. And perhaps when it is quitting time, you are still so focused on work that it is a challenge to maintain the sense of work/life balance that you crave.

And then it hits you. You ask yourself the question, “Should I stay or should I go?” And with that question, anxieties start to rear its ugly head and you hear a whisper in your ear. “Pssst… you can’t possibly leave this job. This is safe. This is secure. What else is out there for you? Do you really want to take that risk?” Then another internal voice whispers, “But I am so sick and tired of working at a job day and night for which I have no passion. I know there is something else I can be doing to fulfill my career dream and one which is purposeful for me.”

So you are now realizing that you are at a crossroads. One path may be safe and secure (or is it?) and that path leaves you longing for something else. Another path is filled with uncertainty and still an excitement for something new and purposeful. You have reached a point where you want to make a decision. What do you do?

How can you decide what you WANT to do in your career? A simple action to take is doing a self-assessment. Get out a piece of paper and ask yourself some questions. “What are my core values?” “What am I passionate about?” “If money were no option, what would I want to be doing?” “What did I want to be when I was growing up?” Then…evaluate where you are now. Are your values and passions aligning with your current position? Are you achieving the purpose you want for your career?

If you are struggling with a career decision, feeling stuck or want the motivation for living your passionate life – give me a shout! Here is the link to my calendar:

In the meantime, take a break and listen to that classic song and decide for yourself!



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